Submit an local event
Alexandria Town Community Submit Form

Submit an local event

Below is a form for submitting your event to us that you want on this website. Please note that if you send in a pdf poster, you must email us at as the image uploader only takes png and jpg format. If you want to email us your event, you can, but please add all the details required for the event to your email. Again, this can be sent to

Please now enter your event details.

Upload an event poster, if possible.By doing this we will be able to promote your event more and also add it in as a latest news story regarding your event.

In the below section, you can upload a photo, poster. If you don't have anything to upload, please carry on down the page to the submit button, and send us your Alexandria event.

If uploading from the phone, make sure you select the medium size of the photo and NOT the original, as this size will be too large to upload. Please keep file sizes under 2Mb. Any issues, please contact us at

Image File extensions for the images should be either png, jpg or jpeg. Sorry no PDF's can be sent.

Please upload your event photo for a latest news story, if available (Please make this a landscape image at least 1000px wide)