Alexandria’s 2030 Vision

Alexandria Town Centre Masterplan was approved by West Dunbartonshire Council on 15 September 2021. You can download a copy of the approved Masterplan here.

You can read the Council’s Committee Report about the masterplan here (go to Item 10 on the agenda), and a summary of responses to the public consultation on the draft masterplan in Spring 2021 here

This website was created as part of the process of developing the masterplan during 2020 and 2021, to enable local residents and businesses to find out more and have their say. It explains why and how the masterplan was prepared.

The focus has now moved from preparing the masterplan to delivering it. This website remains online as a record of the consultation process but may be updated in the future to reflect progress in delivering the masterplan. If you would like more information about delivery of the masterplan, please contact the Council’s Regeneration Team by email - or phone 01389 737777.

Consultation is closed now.

What's next for Alexandria Town?

If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to tell us what you think on the town centre masterplan and 2030 vision pages.

Your comments on the town centre masterplan projects will help the Council to work finalise the masterplan this summer. That plan will then be used to secure funding and take individual projects forward. Some could happen quickly. Others, like new homes in the town centre, will take a lot of planning and may take 5-10 years to come to fruition.

Town centre projects

Your comments on the Alexandria 2030 vision will be used by ACAN and other stakeholders to refine the vision, focus on priorities, and prepare a draft action plan. There will be more consultation on a draft plan in a few months’ time.


Keep an eye on this website for updates!