Transforming Alexandria

CE Centre

We want to encourage more outdoor events and activities in the town centre in existing event spaces like Christie Park and the CE Centre car park. This would increase community activity, bring more people into the town centre, and help town centre businesses.

The car park between the CE Centre and Overton Street could be improved to make it easier to organise more events, as shown in the visualisation below.

CE Centre: Part 1

Use the arrows to compare the before / after images of the Main Street in Alexandria.

CE Centre: Proposed changes to Alexandria Town Centre CE Centre: Proposed changes to Alexandria Town Centre
More details to the proposed changed on CE Centre

Consultation comments

As well as scoring each project for its importance, people were given the opportunity to provide other comments to help take each project forward. Below is the summary of the main points for CE Centre project:

  • Support for more markets, local music events etc.

  • Concern about reduction in parking, especially because it is a busy car park with disabled spaces.

  • CE Centre needs a makeover to.

Please refer to Consultation Report to read individual comments in full.

Strathleven Financial Services Limited
Lomond Fishmongers
All Dressed Up
Vale of Leven Credit Union
Gray Opticians
Wilkie & Rider