Transforming Alexandria

Alexandria Town Centre Masterplan was approved by West Dunbartonshire Council on 15 September 2021. You can download a copy of the approved Masterplan here.

You can read the Council’s Committee Report about the masterplan here (go to Item 10 on the agenda), and a summary of responses to the public consultation on the draft masterplan in Spring 2021 here.

This website was first created as part of the process of developing the masterplan during 2020 and 2021 to enable local residents and businesses to find out more and to have their say. It explains why and how the masterplan was prepared. For over a year, the website was off-line as a new process began for Alexandria Community Council, and preparing a new website for the whole community as an information tool.

The focus has moved from preparing the masterplan to delivering it. Some of the website content remains online as a record of the consultation process but may be updated in the future to reflect progress in delivering the masterplan. This website was updated in May 2023 with a new design and structure to give more information to the local community about Alexandria and to deliver a resource that helps everyone in the community find out what's going on in all aspects of the community.

If you would like more information about delivery of the masterplan, please contact the Council’s Regeneration Team by email - - or phone - 01389 737777.

Alexandria town centre needs to improve to fulfil its role as the heart of the Vale.

Heart of The Vale

To make this a reality, the Council is preparing a masterplan for the town centre. This will be used to guide activities over the next 15 years and secure resources to make things happen. The purpose of the consultation in May-June 2021 was to ask if we’re on the right track.

The masterplan will comprise a number of projects in the town centre. You can see what was proposed in the May-June 2021 consultation in the plan below. Click on each suggested project to see more information about it and a summary of the consultation responses.

No single project will turn the town centre around, but taken together we believe that they will help make the town centre more active, more attractive and more accessible.

Responses Overview

In the May-June 2021 consultation responses, people were asked to rate the importance of each of the 12 projects on a scale of 1 (thumbs down) to 5 (thumbs up). The two graphs below show the results. Please tap on the graphs or hover over them with your mouse for details.

It is worth noting that all projects scored above average in terms of popular importance – between 3.5 and 4.6 out of 5.

Q1 Average score for each proposal

Q1 Average score for each proposal

Number of people scoring (Q1) and commenting (Q2) on each proposal

Comments graph about town centre