Alexandria Council Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 19th April 2023
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Alexandria Council Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 19th April 2023

Contact: Harry McCormack
Telephone: 01389 720970
Chair: Rev Ian Miller
Meetings: Wednesday 19th April 2023, 7pm
Venue: Alexandria CE Centre, Main St, G83 0NU

Alexandria community council Wednesday 19th April 2023 Alexandria Community Centre

Minutes of Meeting

Ian Miller (chair), Harry McCormack (minutes), Janet Taylor, Brian Kemsley, Gordon Kerr, Angela Caldwell, Tilda McCrimmon, Anne-Marie Timmoney, Alan Hubner (First Item Only)

Stephen Burns, Colin Smith

Alexandria town centre website Alan Hubner, Aehweb provided a demonstration of recent update to website.

Updates includes new links to community groups and improved search function. Also improved links to leisure activities such as Vale of Leven Swimming Pool and local parks.

Alan says he would like more information from traders to add to the website.

Information of upcoming events in Alexandria required plus general information of local groups such as walking groups and charities in the area.

Running costs are around £1,500, which can be partly funded from a Community Council grant and other funding options.

Angela to contact Colin Smith on some of the above financial topics.

Website is ready to go live and be regularly updated.

Previous minutes – 1.3.23
Proposed by Brian Kemsley and seconded by Angela Caldwell.


Mitchell Way Demolition: After many months of non-progress, an update was provided via the assistance of Stephen Burns of the WDC Communities Team. (Provided on 27th March 2023) – (1) Soft strips completed and awaiting a start date for full works. (2) Lidl has been delayed due to planning issues.

Alexandria CC are very unhappy with the lack of communication and progress on this issue as well regards of health and safety of what is a live site surrounding the derelict buildings. Harry to send letter to all WDC Councillors on the CC’s behalf to outline these frustrations and ask for improved communication and action on the matter.

Tree Felling: No update provided since last meeting but works believed to have been completed on A82.

Sustran Online Workshops: Free online workshops for community councillors discussing cars, climate change and the cost of living. Dates of events to send via email to interested members.

Promoted Businesses on Facebook Notice Board: Following correspondence from Jack Fordy, Bonhill & Dalmonach CC relating to sharing businesses’ details Harry to contact Jack on how to find guidelines on this.

Scottish Development Centre:

Participation Request Survey, deadline 30th April 2023. Harry to email to interested community councillors and also ask Colin Smith the WDC policy on participation requests.

Local Development Plan: Colin Smith shared both an email link and hard copy for reference.

Planning Aid Scotland: Training for Community Councils planned for Saturday 20th May 2023 with time and venue to be confirmed.


Bank account active but requires two other signatories. Harry and Ian to meet with Angela to implement this.

Community Council Grant successful and will be included in bank account. Future admin costs including print paper, ink and phone usage(Harry’s proposal of using home phone number as new contact number agreed by CC). Harry to propose usage of Tullichewan Community Flat premises for admin work and the costs involved at next Tullichewan TRA committee meeting on Tuesday 25th.

Alexandria Traders Association

Alexandria Traders Farmers Markets taking place on Saturday 29th April at Overtoun Street Car Park 10am to 3pm.

Harry to contact Alexandria Traders Association for an update on events and invitation to CC meetings.

West Dunbartonshire Community Council Forum

Next meeting is Wednesday 7th June 2023, 7pm to 9pm at Napier Hall, Old Kilpatrick. Tilda to attend with Barbara giving advance apologies.

Forward Planning

Following from previous discussion on the Alexandria Town Website, Ian presented a template of a potential survey which can be added to the website later. To be discussed further at next CC meeting.

Social Media

Alexandria Community Council’s new public page on Facebook currently with 116 likes and 179 followers and slowly growing.

Alexandria CC Notice Board Facebook group membership now over 1,100 and continues to develop.


Link-up with Schools: Ian and Jack Fordy of Bonhill & Dalmonach CC currently rescheduling date to meet up with Headteacher of Our Lady and St Patrick’s following similar meeting at Vale of Leven Academy.

With no other business, the meeting was closed.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 31st May 7pm, Alexandria Community Centre.

Local information for Alexandria

Selection of key pages around Alexandria

1st Loch Lomond Scout Group in Balloch

1st Loch Lomond Scout Group in Balloch

Details about 1st Loch Lomond Scout Group in Balloch, West Dunbartonshire

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Lomond Parish Church

Lomond Parish Church

Details and events taking place at Lomond Parish Church in Alexandria.

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Our Lady and St Marks

Our Lady and St Marks

Details and events taking place at Our Lady and St Marks in Alexandria.

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Time for Tully

Time for Tully

Time for Tully is a registered association based in Tullichewan, Alexandria and is for

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Vale of Leven General Hospital in Alexandria

Vale of Leven General Hospital in Alexandria

Details about our Vale of Leven General Hospital in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire

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The Vale Medical Centre in Alexandria

The Vale Medical Centre in Alexandria

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Alexandria Library

Alexandria Library

Details about Alexandria Library situated on Gilmour St, Alexandria G83 0DA

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Alcoholics Anonymous in Alexandria

Alcoholics Anonymous in Alexandria

Details about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA meetings) in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire

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Alexandria Council Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 19th April 2023

Alexandria Council Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 19th April 2023

Read the meeting minutes for Alexandria Council Council Meeting held on Wednesday 19th April 2023

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Latest New

Alexandria News

Below you can read the latest news for the proposal of the develepment of Alexandria.

17th February 2024


It’s been a while since the last update, which is not untypical of projects involving traditional skills and materials: the nature of this kind of work means that there are long periods of apparent inactivity while contractors wait on materials such as sandstone and iron.

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10th February 2024

Vale of Leven Football & Athletic Club: Disabled Toilets

Can we ask all of our followers and supporters to vote for us regarding disabled toilets built at our ground.

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9th February 2024


Alexandria Community Council is seeking to use the Community Grant to commission two community notice boards to be erected in areas with regular footfall in Alexandria town centre

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Upcoming Events in Alexandria

  • 29 02 2024

    Bouncin' Bingo

    Date: 29 February 2024 | Time: 8pm
    Venue: The Pawn, Alexandria

  • 1 03 2024

    Join Carol McGee live in Alexandria

    Date: 1 March 2024 | Time: 7.30 pm
    Venue: The Alexandria Masonic

  • 07 03 2024

    Bouncin' Bingo

    Date: 07 March 2024 | Time: 8pm
    Venue: The Pawn, Alexandria

  • 09 03 2024

    Vale of Leven vs Girvan

    Date: 09 March 2024 | Time: 2pm
    Venue: The Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium

  • 10 03 2024

    Meditation with Dreamcatcher Lady

    Date: 10 March 2024 | Time: 2 pm to 4 pm
    Venue: 4 Church Street

  • 14 03 2024


    Date: 14 March 2024 | Time: 1.30pm to 2.30pm
    Venue: Alexandria Library

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Gray Opticians
The Balloon Bar Loch Lomond
All Dressed Up
W & J Sloans
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